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Growing the Investments in India Stack and Ecommerce

QuoteUnquote with KK and Kevin T Carter, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, EMQQ Global, An Emerging Markets and Indian Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on NYSE

Growing With Our Pride Positively

In a world with different shades of sexual orientation, QuoteUnquote with KK and Daniella Mendonca, Leading Advocate for the LGBTQA+ community in India, discuss various issues of the Pride in India. These include legal, healthcare, social, society and many more.

Growing India’s AI X-tiple Times

QuoteUnquote with KK and Authors of AI Rising – India’s Artificial Intelligence Growth Story: Leslie D’Monte and Jayanth N Kolla Leslie D’Monte is a journalist, author, speaker who specialises in technology. Jayanth N Kolla is a co-founder and partner at Convergence Catalyst

Agri Revolution 2.0: Debunking the Poor Farmer Politics and Growing High Nutritional Food

QuoteUnquote with KK and Harish Damodaran, Agri Expert, Editor, Author

Fake, Fakier, Fakiest? Who is going to Eventually Win the Race?

QuoteUnquote with KK and Prof Salvatore Babones, American Author, Sociologist , China Expert, Associate Professor @ University of Sydney and Founder Indian Century Roundtable (ICR) Think Tank https://www.indiancentury.org/

How are Things Moving? The Future of Mobility

QuoteUnquote with KK and Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Chairman at Sun Mobility and Creator of Reva, India First Electric Car in 1999, we discuss about where the future of the automotive and mobility is moving. This is on the backdrop of Elon Musk and Tesla announcing a USD 10 Tn investment to make the earth more sustainable.

The Future of Indo-US Relations. Growing Positively by ‘Quad’rapuling

Quoteunquote with KK and Dr. Mukesh Aghi, President and CEO, US-India Strategic Partnership Forum where we discussed Trump arrest, India’s NATO membership, US Visa issues, geo politics, trade, investment and fostering a growth oriented relationship between the two countries.

Growing Human Connect Positively: A Playbook

In a world which is getting more lonelier, QuoteUnquote with KK provides a hug of “Human Connect” across various dimensions with Manoj Gursahani, Author, Business Coach, Global Strategist

Growing into the Space Frontiers

Growing into the Space Frontiers

QuoteUnquote with KK and Sanjay Nekkanti is the CEO and founder of Dhruva Space Private Limited, the company behind sending the private satellite into space from India

Future of Healthcare : Rebuilding Healthcare with Trust

QuoteUnquote with KK and Ameera Shah, Promoter and Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, a leading Indian Diagnostics Chain

Blindspot : The Global Rise of Unhappiness: How Leaders Missed It?

QuoteUnquote with KK and Gallup Team

Rohit Kar, Relator | Restorative | Futuristic | Analytical | Significance

Kristjan Archer, Command | Competition| Activator | Achiever | Arranger

Good Governance and Happy Citizens

QuoteUnquote with KK and Dr Kiran Bedi, Author, Woman Leader, Social Activist, India’s first and highest-ranking Woman Police Officer, Asian Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Politician and Ex-Governor of Pondicherry

Book Link: https://amzn.eu/d/b54xfL4

How Can Social Tech Ventures Deliver Better Impact and Happiness to Rural India – With or Without 5G?

QuoteUnquote with KK and Dr Aaditeshwar Seth, Author, Founder Gram Vaani, Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi

Book Link: https://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~aseth/act.html

Growth, Glamour, Greed, Graft, Governance: It’s not a Shark’s Board Games

Growth, Glamour, Greed, Graft, Governance: It’s not a Shark’s Board Games

QuoteUnquote with KK and Kewal Handa, Ex Managing Director Pfizer India, Ex Non-Executive Chairman, Union Bank and Board Member, BharatPe

Analyst Report for QuoteUnquote with KK for 2022 Season 3

QuoteUnquote with KK In the News

QuoteUnquote with KK 2023 Season 4 is all about ‘Growing Positively’

QuoteUnquote with KK 2023 Season 4 is all about ‘Growing Positively’

QuoteUnQuote with KK Announces Plans for Season 2 (2021)

QuoteUnquote with KK (Kapil Khandelwal) Season 2 premiers as the first podcast on Dailyhunt

Zee5 Hosts ‘QuoteUnQuote with KK’ Podcast As Exclusive Content On Their News 2.0 Section

The Future of Capital and Capital Markets                                                  

China’s BRI Initiatives & Escalation in Indo-China Relations – Roadmap for the Future

India can seize manufacturing opportunity amid US-China row: Mark Mobius 

Mark Mobius says Covid-19 created best opportunity in markets, optimists will win

How is the Josh of Public and Employee in Reviving the Indian Economy?