Rx: Dr House MD : Bad Madicine?

Rx: Dr House MD : Bad Madicine?

Hurray! I finally completed watching all the Eight Season, 177 Episode Series of Dr. House MD last night. This was one of my wish list for 2021. In the past, I had watched some of the episodes but could not watch the full series. Over the last 350 days of 2021, as I watched through all the episodes of Dr House, I realized and learnt a lot about myself not that I am interested in medicine and healthcare, but as a person. Here are some of my learnings from Dr. House MD.

Statutory Warning

This blog may contain references to sex and nudity, substance abuse, or realistic/non cartoon violence and frequent strong language. Read ahead with extreme caution

Co Dependency

Everybody has co dependencies whether to substances, situations, surreal events, sapiens of human origin, society at large, etc. Not many are able to break this in their life to emerge stronger

True Love is not OTC Medicine

Not everyone has been able to find true love of their life as they has treated their love mate as an episodic medical event. Managing true love is like managing a life-long chronic condition

Hookers Polyescort is not a Relationship Transition Gap Binder

Loneliness and emptiness cannot be filled by hookers. They may relieve pain and the weight of your wallet in the short term but leave behind big hole in your wallet and your heart.

Pain in the Ass does not come only from Butt-Plugs and Suppositories

Some people can be a pain in the ass. But like Dr. House, look at their true intent in ragging you. They want you to succeed and improve. Don’t switch them off completely because you are pissed off with them.

Paternity Tests Still Do not Tell You Who You Are

Finding your genetic father still does not answer why you are who you are!

The Intuition Injectable

Talking of the pain in the butt, there are some who inject great intuition into the situation to solve the issue or guide the direction. Sometime they can be painful and overbearing and may not respect the hours of dedicated work and effort you may have put in with no results

Pediatric Morphism is not a Medical Condition

Being a child is not a medical condition. It’s perfectly fine to be a kid or behave childishly. You will not be diagnosed for a mental medical condition. Many problems are better solved when a kid. Play the pranks, its healthy

Hiring, Firing and ReHiring is not a HR Disorder

Word like talent, hire, fire do not exist for a genuine inspirational people leader. Talent will still flock to them inspite of their unstable and inconsistent people behaviour

Jerking is not always Masturbation

Relationship ejaculation does not always happen by jerking of people due to right reasons. Over mental masturbation will definitely lead to ED of true and sensible solutions and ideas

Dopamine High is not Always Hallucination

Day dreams or nightmares are not medically treatable if controlled on to a problem solving situation. Sometimes you need the dopamine high to break away from the situation to analyse it dispassionately to arrive at a solution

Game People Play is not a Medical Pharmacopeia

There is not prescribed drug list to treat games people play. Either face and challenge it or become depressed to consume anti-depressants to cope with it

A Surgery of Lies does not Cover the Wounds of Truth

People always lie. Sometime for the good. But they always. No drastic surgeries can cover up those lies to truth

Music is a Therapy

Like Dr House who played several musical instruments and also solved many medical cases and saved the lives of many patients, music was therapeutic for him and me. You can also see music when you are on drugs  

True Friendship is like Intensive Care

True friendship can only be nurtured when you take intensive care and measure and watch all the parameters like in the ICU

Walk through Life not using Carrot and Stick

All of us use stick to force our authority to walk ahead in life. Our fear and dependency on the walking stick makes us powerless and sidekick. How can you live a life without the crutches of a carrot and a stick?

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