Growing Human Connect Positively: A Playbook

Growing Human Connect Positively: A Playbook


In a world which is getting more lonelier, QuoteUnquote with KK provides a hug of “Human Connect” across various dimensions with Manoj Gursahani, Author, Business Coach, Global Strategist Home | Manoj K Gursahani (

The World Happiness Report from 2021 has been highlighting the increasing loneliness in the world and its impact on happiness in humans.

It’s in our human DNA and brain to connect with other humans as we are most evolved species on earth. Human connection lowers anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation, and how improving our connection with ourselves helps us better connect with others. Lily neurosciences.  cpp human capital did an international study in 2008 and they asked the question of people tell me about conflict do you have it in your life 85 percent of the respondents said yes they have conflict with other human beings at times in their life 29% nearly one-third say they have conflict with others in their life always or frequently they asked why is there conflict between you and others 49% nearly have said it’s because of personality clashes or ego as I study that I see for me that personality clashes is the result of ego. So does human connect vary human personality type to type. How do we increase our human connection quotient.


The Human Connect
The Human Connect

World Happiness Report 2022

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