Bharatvarsh – Pilgrim Nation: The Land of Spiritual Wellness Travel

Bharatvarsh: The Destinations for Spiritual Wellness Journeys


QuoteUnquote with KK and Dr Devdutt Patnaik, India’s top mythologist and author discusses on our bet #our Bet #22 discusses mythological/pilgrimage wellness/health that is going to be a major trend in the next 5 years from our 2024 India healthcare and lifesciences investment manifesto. Devdutt, clears the issues on Bharatvarsh, sprituality, spiritualism, the Great Indian Pilgrimage, destinations across Hindu, Jain, Buddhist followers, ancient practices and modern beliefs. He also discusses various emerging counter trends around non-traditional spirituality, conspirituality amongst the extreme rightists and wokes, fake narrative emerging out of AI and ChatGPT and how belief systems are being altered around practice of spirituality and religion.


What is Spirituality?
How is Religion Different from Spirituality?
How is Bharatvarsh defined by Politicians, Pilgrims and Vedas?
Are there Counter Trends to Spiritualism?
How do we address the Saviour Mindset?

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Mooring Around the Future of Chips in AI-dominated India

Mooring Around the Future of Chips in AI-dominated India


QuoteUnquote with KK and Nitin Dahad, Tech Evangelist, Editor, Writer

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Raghu Panicker, CEO of Kaynes Semicon, gives us some background to the origins of the current semiconductor industry in India from the 1980s by two key figures: M.J Zarabi and Wally Rhines.

Hitesh Garg, India country manager for NXP Semiconductors, talks about key markets for NXP globally and in India, particularly automotive and industrial. 

Satya Gupta, a veteran of the Indian electronics industry in India. He has several influential roles in the industry and in policymaking

Bhanupriya Krishna, founder and managing director of Perceptives Solutions, talks about the lack of talent for addressing the semiconductor manufacturing industry in India

Pradeep Vajram challenges the current thinking in India to develop chips and IP for India only, highlighting that scale is key for investors in Indian semiconductor startups

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Emerging Resilience in the Semi Conductor Supply Chain

Emerging Resilience In The Semiconductor Supply Chain

Growing the Investments in India Tech Stack and New Age Internet and Ecommerce

Growing the Investments in India Stack and Ecommerce


QuoteUnquote with KK and Kevin T Carter, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, EMQQ Global, An Emerging Markets and Indian Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on NYSE

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What is ETFs?

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The Future of Indian Consumertech

BCG + Matrix Partners - Future of Indian Consumer Tech

Democratising Digital Commerce in India

Democratising Digital Commerce in India

Agri Revolution 2.0: Debunking the Poor Farmer Politics and Growing High Nutritional Food

Agri Revolution 2.0: Debunking the Poor Farmer Politics and Growing High Nutritional Food


QuoteUnquote with KK and Harish Damodaran, Agri Expert, Editor, Author

In this podcast we discuss the dire and immediate need for an Agri Revolution 2.0 in India. As our population is ageing and health acuity increasing towards food intolerance and diet restrictions, we now need to also start producing more nutritious and healthy food not just for the elite classes but the masses as India enters mid-income countries club and the food basket of the people of India improves towards better dietary habits and food consumption.  This may mean we may have to start growing new varieties of foods.

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Health Issues from Food 

Celiac Disease

Food Allergies

Lactose Intolerance

Fake, Fakier, Fakiest? Who is going to Eventually Win the Race?

Fake, Fakier, Fakiest? Who is going to Eventually Win the Race?


QuoteUnquote with KK and Prof Salvatore Babones, American Author, Sociologist , China Expert, Associate Professor @ University of Sydney and Founder Indian Century Roundtable (ICR) Think Tank

In this podcast we discuss the fake narrative on economic, population, societal transformation, supply chain decoupling, labour and unemployment, control over private enterprises, technology, environmental issues, dedolarisation, digital currency, political narrative, negative propaganda, global dominance and iron fist between China under Authoritarian Xi Xinping and Democratic India under Fascist Modi using the PESTC framework and who will win the global race?  

What is Fake, Fakier, Fakiest?

Fake News | Kapil Khandelwal KK

With PM Modi in Sydney


Prof Salvatore Babones Meeting With PM Modi in Sydney
Prof Salvatore Babones Meeting With PM Modi in Sydney

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How are Things Moving? The Future of Mobility

How are Things Moving? The Future of Mobility


Confused about which personal mobility option to select. The traditional petrol/diesel option, or the hybrids or fully electric vehicles. The post covid scenario globally for the automotive and mobility industry is not so clear. QuoteUnquote with KK and Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Chairman at Sun Mobility and Creator of Reva, India First Electric Car in 1999 we discuss about where the future of the automotive and mobility is moving. This is on the backdrop of Elon Musk and Tesla announcing a USD 10Tn investment to make the earth more sustainable. Chetan’s keynote presentation at Nasscom Product Conclave 10 years ago looked like a cut and paste in #Tesla Investor Day Presentation.

Tesla Investor Day

Sustainability of Delivery Apps

Zomato | Kapil Khandelwal KK

Growing Human Connect Positively: A Playbook

Growing Human Connect Positively: A Playbook


In a world which is getting more lonelier, QuoteUnquote with KK provides a hug of “Human Connect” across various dimensions with Manoj Gursahani, Author, Business Coach, Global Strategist Home | Manoj K Gursahani (

The World Happiness Report from 2021 has been highlighting the increasing loneliness in the world and its impact on happiness in humans.

It’s in our human DNA and brain to connect with other humans as we are most evolved species on earth. Human connection lowers anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation, and how improving our connection with ourselves helps us better connect with others. Lily neurosciences.  cpp human capital did an international study in 2008 and they asked the question of people tell me about conflict do you have it in your life 85 percent of the respondents said yes they have conflict with other human beings at times in their life 29% nearly one-third say they have conflict with others in their life always or frequently they asked why is there conflict between you and others 49% nearly have said it’s because of personality clashes or ego as I study that I see for me that personality clashes is the result of ego. So does human connect vary human personality type to type. How do we increase our human connection quotient.


The Human Connect
The Human Connect

World Happiness Report 2022

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Blindspot : The Global Rise of Unhappiness: How Leaders Missed It?

QuoteUnquote with KK and Gallup Team

Rohit Kar, Relator | Restorative | Futuristic | Analytical | Significance

Kristjan Archer, Command | Competition| Activator | Achiever | Arranger

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Good Governance and Happy Citizens

QuoteUnquote with KK and Dr Kiran Bedi, Author, Woman Leader, Social Activist, India’s first and highest-ranking Woman Police Officer, Asian Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Politician and Ex-Governor of Pondicherry

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Common Man’s Happiness Economics

QuoteUnquote with KK and K. V. Subramanian, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, Indian School of Business; Ex Chief Economic Adviser, Govt of India

To Happiness & Beyond: Business Models for Delivering Beyond Happiness

QuoteUnquote with KK and Jenn Lim author of Beyond Happiness & CEO of Delivering Happiness (DH)

Karan Behl is Founder and CEO of Happiitude

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Everlasting Peace and Happiness for the World in the ISKON Philosophy

QuoteUnquote with KK and Gauranga Das, Legendary Monk and Director of the Govardhan Ecovillage, and Co-President of the ISKCON Chowpatty temple

How Can Social Tech Ventures Deliver Better Impact and Happiness to Rural India – With or Without 5G?

QuoteUnquote with KK and Dr Aaditeshwar Seth, Author, Founder Gram Vaani, Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi

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Growing into the Space Frontiers

Growing into the Space Frontiers


QuoteUnquote with KK and Sanjay Nekkanti is the CEO and founder of Dhruva Space Private Limited, the company behind sending the private satellite into space from India 2023 

We have all dreamt about going into space. Listen to India’s space entrepreneur who dreamt it and launched India’s first private satellite into space. In this podcast, we discuss the India’s private space and satellite program, space research, innovation and start up ecosystem, growth opportunities for Indian space entrepreneurs, future space race and economy how can India win the race. 

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QuoteUnquote with KK (Kapil Khandelwal) Season 2 premiers as the first podcast on Dailyhunt

India’s leading business podcast QuoteUnquote With KK ( produced by healthcare and investment industry veteran, Kapil Khandelwal of Toro Finserve LLP was launched on Dailyhunt, India’s #1 local language content platform, this month.  This podcast organises a virtual fireside chat with thought leaders around the world on various current issues and topics across business, economics, investments and socio-politics. The show successfully completed its first season comprising ten episodes with global thought leaders Mark Mobius, Parag Khanna, Rajeev Peshwaria and Mark Kahn, to name a few.

Kapil Khandelwal, as quoted in his podcast, shared “we have been listening to our listeners and in next year’s season, we’re going to run QuoteUnquote with KK on 2 tracks – Healthy and Wealthy. Healthy because of what we have gone through last year, and Wealthy because without a healthy world we cannot become a wealthy world. So, these are two very intermingled issues. We have lined up star speakers from different areas in healthcare and investments and current events and developments. On popular demand, we are going to run this podcast on a fortnightly basis. Our team is very excited to give more to the audience demands and feedback. QuoteUnquote with KK is available on global platforms like Spotify, iheart radio, Amazon. The strategic idea of our partnership with Dailyhunt is to provide access to Indian audiences looking for premium, short-format content. Additionally, Dailyhunt users will also be able to access all my blogs published on various subjects.”

Umang Bedi, Co-founder, Dailyhunt says, “Our 285+ million users challenge and inspire us to introduce formats that improve their experience on the platform. Communities socialized over content last year like never before, and Indian audiences are absolutely entitled to premium and intelligent content, regardless of their location or their network. I had the privilege of hosting a talk show with business leaders on Dailyhunt last year, and taking from its success, I’m quite confident that KK will enjoy an engaging and stimulating relationship with our users.”

On the launch occasion, Kapil Khandelwal, Father of offshore Quant Fund Investing in India and Managing Partner, Toro Finserve LLP, said, “I am glad to announce that India’s largest discovery platform, Dailyhunt is now hosting QuoteUnquote with KK. This will take the virtual fireside chat to over 285+ million monthly users on the Dailyhunt platform. I welcome the audience of Dailyhunt and am looking forward to interacting with them, on the platform”  

Season one of QuoteUnquote with KK, with all ten episodes, is now available on Dailyhunt.

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Dailyhunt Announcement

Estranged 2020 : My Song, My Life, My Way

A Day in the Life of KK

Estranged 2020 : My Song, My Life, My Way

2020: Early Warnings of Devastation

I started 2020 with a very positive outlook. Our investment heatmaps were indicating upswing in investment activity, term sheets in progress for investments, strong investment flows on the back of Sino-US trade blockade. By 15 March, it was clear that some Chinese bug has hit Indian shores and I started out moving back our teams to their home bases, talking to the authorities on the situation. On my birthday, just a day before the first 14-hour lockdown, I was working late in office to mitigate the risk that may be arising out of the business disruption. Then there was the forced lockdown preventing me to work from office. The start of the Financial Year 2020-21 was clearing going to be a devastating one for all due to the Covid pandemic. In the first week of April 2020, all the financial and business outlook turned negative and also I suffered huge financial losses never anticipated in my life as a result. It was a very depressing personal situation for me which I had never faced in my life. It was clear I needed to bouceback. Suffering losses is a temporary situation, letting the frame of mind to continue with being mentally ‘broke’ was just not acceptable to me. Clearly there were four key issues that I observed in Q1

  1. the volatility and pace at which the situations changed
  2. all plans and predictions went for a toss
  3. there was utter chaos and no one had a clear head and view to handle the complexity and solutions to solve it
  4. with more bad news, there was no view when things will bottom out

That’s when I started my journey of My Song, My Life, My Mantra, My Way, My Avatar.

2020: My Song

During my long walks during the first week April, I would listen to Bon Jovi’s hit Estranged, the lyrics of which went like this and my responses (in brackets)…

When you’re talkin’ to yourself (about your situation)

And nobody’s home (although at home with family in the lockdown)

You can fool yourself (that All is Well)

You came in this world alone (I am all alone fending for myself)

So nobody ever told you baby (nobody had a clue)

How it was gonna be (the lockdown and beyond)

So what’ll happen to you baby (rather be strong than helpless)

Guess we’ll have to wait and see (no way)

One, two

The nine minutes song played out the remaining nine months of 2020 of my life.

2020: My Life, My Nine Mantra

There 9 minutes of the song inspired me to write my nine mantras to bounced back and come out a winner in 2020. These were:

1.    Love Thy Self: No Self Empathy

Every one in my circle of networks was very scared and required empathy. How would you empathise if you are yourself shallow and lack self-love? The toxic energy in the environment that was flowing around just was not doing good to me. I need not be a victim of this toxicity. That’s when I decided to manifest myself with a new energy and to fight the situation, I need to be stronger physically, mentally, spiritually. I started out with a healthy diet and high-end nutraceuticals, doubled up on my daily walks, increased my heart points by 3 times and started drawing on positive energy. As a result, I was over 10 kgs down in weight, much fitter and well energized positively to empathise with the people

2.    Renewed Vision for My Future Avatar

My mission in life has always been how to make healthcare cheaper, better, faster. Healthcare for All | Kapil Khandelwal (KK). With my interactions and calls with our investors, there was confidence in what we were doing. In fact, we raised even more funds during May-June 2020 for healthcare investments. The critical issue at hand was what investment strategies worked in the past would work in the post-Covid era. It was time to rework and restrategise the vision for my future avatar. With the positive energies, I set fearlessly out my renewed vision with Josh, Jonoon and Jigar. My best is yet to come!  

3.    Focus, Focus, Focus

With the my Avatar 2.0, it was time to focus. I clearly had 24-hours in a day and many unfinished business and agendas. It was with the renewed focus, that I cut down that was not required through a VED analysis of my work load. Clearly three key agendas for focus emerged out of this which I set forth in my work, declining, regretting and pre-closing many ongoing commitments as a result. This helped me put my time to get the maximum impact and the outcomes that my new Avatar was to emerge out.

4.    Build the Safety Net and Resilience

My primary responsibilities during the lockdown was to ensure that my people and their families are not adversely affected. To build confidence in my people, I build a safety net and emergency response for any eventuality due to Covid. At the cost of selling off my personal investments at a loss, I ensured that my people had food on their table and committed to my renewed vision with confidence.

5.    Create Impactful Behavior and Environment

To rebuild the economy and our healthcare systems for the future, it was clear that capital and investments would be with empathy and impact along with positive investor returns. One of the unfinished business was to ensure that there was a holistic and inclusive regulatory framework for the Social Stock Exchange (SSE) in India. I had been part of the journey with SEBI from its inception and worked with our team to produce a white paper with several recommendations which is now being on the table for the final regulation.

Social Stock Exchange | Kapil Khandelwal (KK)

6.    Network like never before

Other than the usual networking activity virtually during lockdown, being an investor allows you access to world politicians, thought leaders, think tanks, industry bodies, academia and opinion makers across the diaspora. My time was well spent speaking with them and gathering their take on various issues emerging out of this world crisis. Over the last 9 months, I had 1×1 with over 200 folks. I really thank them for taking their time to talk to me.

7.    Guides and Mentors

I renergised my circle of guides and mentors and opened up communications where we discussed may of my fears and issues heart to heart. This provided me the inspiration for being a better leader for the emerging new world order.

8.    Inspirational Leadership

With the current crisis, the model of leadership that I demonstrated is lead from the front and demonstrating everything is possible with less to do more. The constraints-based parochial leadership was passe for my people whether they were in front of me or virtually.

9.    Communication and Feedback with the World

In order to guide my peers and folks in the industry, I launched a podcast series QuoteUnQuote With KK which quickly emerged as India’s leading business podcast globally. QuoteUnquote with KK | Kapil Khandelwal (KK). This platform allowed me a means to communicate to the wider diaspora and also gain feedback from the world on what they were thinking on the issues.

2020: My Way, My Avatar

When I look back what I started alone in 2010 leaving Cisco as the top-200 Executive and compare what I have emerged out of 2020, I see that my way for the last 10 years could have only taken me so far. 2020 pandemic and situation, forced me to estrange my previous avatar and reincarnate into a new avatar that will be strong and durable for the 2020s decade.

The strong motive and motivations for my new avatar will drive me forward in the new normal for the world. I thank all those who have been part of this journey in 2020 to make it possible for me.

Here’s wishing you all a healthy, wealthy 2021!