Bharatvarsh – Pilgrim Nation: The Land of Spiritual Wellness Travel

Bharatvarsh: The Destinations for Spiritual Wellness Journeys


QuoteUnquote with KK and Dr Devdutt Patnaik, India’s top mythologist and author discusses on our bet #our Bet #22 discusses mythological/pilgrimage wellness/health that is going to be a major trend in the next 5 years from our 2024 India healthcare and lifesciences investment manifesto. Devdutt, clears the issues on Bharatvarsh, sprituality, spiritualism, the Great Indian Pilgrimage, destinations across Hindu, Jain, Buddhist followers, ancient practices and modern beliefs. He also discusses various emerging counter trends around non-traditional spirituality, conspirituality amongst the extreme rightists and wokes, fake narrative emerging out of AI and ChatGPT and how belief systems are being altered around practice of spirituality and religion.


What is Spirituality?
How is Religion Different from Spirituality?
How is Bharatvarsh defined by Politicians, Pilgrims and Vedas?
Are there Counter Trends to Spiritualism?
How do we address the Saviour Mindset?

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