How are Things Moving? The Future of Mobility

How are Things Moving? The Future of Mobility


Confused about which personal mobility option to select. The traditional petrol/diesel option, or the hybrids or fully electric vehicles. The post covid scenario globally for the automotive and mobility industry is not so clear. QuoteUnquote with KK and Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Chairman at Sun Mobility and Creator of Reva, India First Electric Car in 1999 we discuss about where the future of the automotive and mobility is moving. This is on the backdrop of Elon Musk and Tesla announcing a USD 10Tn investment to make the earth more sustainable. Chetan’s keynote presentation at Nasscom Product Conclave 10 years ago looked like a cut and paste in #Tesla Investor Day Presentation.

Tesla Investor Day

Sustainability of Delivery Apps

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