Growing India’s Artificial Intelligence Ai X-tiple Times

Growing India’s AI X-tiple Times


After, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm after it was launched on 30 November last year. Sam Altman the founder of OpenAi who was the developer himself warned to the US Senate Committee that if gone unregulated how it would fall in wrong hands and create havoc for the world and that all the countries of the world should regulate AI for its development and use. In June when he visited India, at an event in Delhi, Sam Altman was asked whether three Indian engineers with $10 million could build something similar to OpenAI. In response, Altman said it was “hopeless” for a young team from India with limited resources to build a foundational artificial intelligence model similar to OpenAI.

QuoteUnquote with KK and Authors of AI Rising – India’s Artificial Intelligence Growth Story : Leslie D’Monte and Jayanth N Kolla Leslie debunk this and discuss how India can move forward from mobile first to AI first nation.


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